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About us

The Gallant Goblin is all about creating high quality and efficient tabletop roleplaying game products. From product reviews and detailed looks at gaming accessories to our own original campaigns, supplements, minis, and plushies, our goal is to be your one stop shop for everything you need at your table!

Theo Thourson

Theo is the primary reviewer for our YouTube channel where we cover all manner of TTRPG products and accessories, with a focus on miniatures, giving closeup 360° views of each one while providing lore and story suggestions for how to use them in your games.

A long-time lover of games, Theo made the jump to TTRPGs in 2017 after getting deep into board games. His expertise is primarily with second edition Pathfinder and fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, but he is hoping to branch into more game systems as well as showcase indie games.

See Theo’s resume for a full list of his published work!

Grady Wang

Grady is a writer and director who developed the technical foundation for The Gallant Goblin. He is also the project manager for the publication arm of The Gallant Goblin, overseeing fulfillment of crowdfunding campaigns such as the Kobold Plushies Kickstarter and development of new products like the Queerfinder zine.

With a passion for storytelling and worldbuilding, Grady is excited to create tales in settings new and established. He was part of the gold Ennie-winning Uncaged: Goddesses anthology and also freelances for Paizo’s Pathfinder books.

See Grady’s resume for a full list of his work!

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