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Baphomet, the Horned King Review + Heartcleaver Magic Item

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Gallant Goblin | 0 comments

I do love that we seem to be getting the full line of demon lords from WizKids, and there are two more packs on the horizon that we’ll talk about in a sec. Out of the Abyss was one of the first 5th edition adventures we got, and I think it’s still low-key one of the most interesting to run. It focuses heavily on the demon lords and gave us stat blocks for 8 of them including Baphomet here. I remember when I was deciding on my very first D&D campaign back in 2017, I narrowed it down to Out of the Abyss and Storm King’s Thunder, and I only settled on Storm King because I wanted more of a sandbox adventure. But I’m still intrigued by Out of the Abyss. It has a great opening where the PCs have to stage a prison break, and there are a ton of interesting NPC companions the PCs can pick up along the way, which is something I really enjoy.  If you’ve run Out of the Abyss, let me know what you think. If nothing else, I think it’s a great adventure to mine for underdark escapades and ways of incorporating the demon lords into whatever adventure you’re running.  

The demon lords, including Baphomet, got updated stat blocks in Monsters of Multiverse, so that’s the one I’ll be referencing in this video. Baphomet is the demon lord of savagery. He envisions a world without restraints, where everyone is allowed to let their bestial natures run wild. He wields a nasty looking glave called Heartcleaver, which sadly, isn’t particularly special in his stat block, so we’re going to give you a magic item stat block for it if you’re somehow able to get it out of Baphomet’s hands, or claws, or whatever. And of course, thank you to WizKids for providing us this mini to review. So, unleash yourself, it’s time to meet Baphomet, The Horned King. 

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Baphomet abhors civilization. Civilization’s entire purpose is to put restraints on people’s natural savage instincts in order for them to prosper as a group.  When people put controls on their immediate desires, it benefits the group as a whole, which eventually benefits the individual. Baphomet, the ruler of minotaurs and others with savage hearts, wants to see the downfall of civilization and the return of the bestial, instinctual humanoid kind. People shouldn’t have to control themselves, they should seek to satisfy all of their base desires. Cults to baphomet can be found around the world, often in secret places, including labyrinthine mazes that are favored by their patron demon lord. There they indulge in their animalistic tendencies, barking and chewing on the furniture, or whatever. The longer these cults go on, the more Baphomet’s influence begins to affect them. They get bloodshot eyes, start to grow really coarse, thick hair on their bodies, get ticks, and they even grow little horns. His most loyal cultists might even eventually transform into full minotaurs.  

Here you can see him next to our other demon lords and some of their other buddies. He comes on a huge sized base which matches his stat block. The demon lords aren’t generally giant, enormous creatures, which is great because it keeps these minis prices lower than those giant dragons, and it makes them easier to store. Baphomet is out now. You can pick him up for between 45 and 50 bucks depending on where you shop.  

Don’t forget to check out our website at for your heartcleaver glaive magic item (see below). We’re working hard on updating the website with lots of helpful content, and our store has been updated as well if you want to pick yourself up some kobold plushies, stickers, accessory packs, shirts, and more. 

Now, we know the next several demon lords coming down the ole abyssal pike from WizKids. Coming up soon is Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi, Lady of Rot and Decay. The next set of demon lords after that will be a 3-fer. We’re getting Graz’zt, Fraz-Urb’luu, and Kostchtichi.  These are going to round out the set of demons that can appear in Out of the Abyss.  And I think it might round out the demon lords we currently have stat blocks for in 5th edition. If you can think of any that are still missing, let me know. But it isn’t the last high level demon out there. Personally, I’d love to see a great painted mini for Rakdos from the Ravnica setting.  Interestingly, we have an unpainted Rakdos that Grady reviewed in the video up there.  But no painted version. There are also several fiendish overlords from the Eberron setting, namely, Rak Tulkhesh and Sul Khatesh. Sul Khatesh does have a mini in the Eberron set from WizKids. There’s also the molydeus, who is basically the right hand fiend of a demon lord. He has a mini in the Monsters of the Multiverse set. But, assuming that these new packs might mark an end to the demon lord line for now, is there another set of minis you’d like to see?

Might be interesting to see some of the D&D gods and goddesses. But I wouldn’t mind more packs of NPCs and monsters tied to particular adventures. They could take the most popular one-shots in Radiant Citadel or Keys from the Golden Vault and give us the minis we need to run them. Let me know what you want.  I’m also curious if most of you run pre-written adventures or homebrew. Let me know down below.

Don’t forget to sign up to be notified when Big Bads from Hit Point Press launches on Kickstarter! I’m super excited for this one. Come visit our Discord channel where we’ve been discussing the recently announced Adult Moonstone and Bass dragon minis coming out soon. You can also find us on Insta-App, We-Space, Snap-Book, and Ask Jeeves.  For now, stay safe, have fun, love each other, and I’ll see you next time at the Gallant Goblin! 

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