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Get Started with Pathfinder 2e for Free

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Gallant Goblin | 2 comments

Getting started with Pathfinder 2e is easy and you can access everything you need for free! If you’re coming in with knowledge of other games like D&D, you’re already two steps ahead, but the following guide will also work you’re brand new to TTRPGs.  

These are the steps to learn Pathfinder 2e for free for a Game Master:

1. Read Chapter 1 of the Core Rulebook.

2. Read Chapter 9 of the Core Rulebook.

3. Select a free adventure.    

Little Trouble in Big Absalom – A whimsical adventure in which the characters play kobolds exploring a hidden treasure vault.

Threshold of Knowledge – Characters are students at a prestigious magical university investigating the disappearance of a professor.  

A Fistful of Flowers – An adventure for 3rd level characters in which they play sentient plants called Leshys avenging their friends who were plucked to serve as centerpieces for a noblewoman. 

Torment and Legacy – A one-hour adventure in which the characters play townsfolk rescuing the village mage from a fearsome ogre.  

4. Play around with character generation on

5. Recruit players!  Use the email template below to bring them up to speed. If you need to find more players, check out the following options:

The Gallant Goblin Discord Channel

The Pathfinder2e Subreddit Discord Channel

Roll For Combat Discord Channel

6. Pull up the Archives of Nethys GM Screen for a quick rules reference and start playing! 

When you’re recruiting players, you can copy/paste the following text into an email, making alterations to fit your particular needs.

Hello adventurers!

Let’s play some Pathfinder!  It’s similar to D&D, but there are some key differences.  For example, instead of an action, a bonus action, and a move each round, you’ll have three actions that you can spend as you like.  To get started, follow these steps:

1. Review Chapter 1 of the Core Rulebook. This gives you an overview of the game and instructions on building a character.  

2. Review Chapter 9 of the Core Rulebook. This covers all the basics of how to play the game. 

3. Build a character. has all the character options out there. Play around with it and make a first level character you’d like to try out.

4. While we play, have the Archives of Nethys Player’s Guide up on your laptop or phone to use as a rules reference. 

5. Grab your regular gaming dice and get ready to adventure!

Following these steps should give you a great introduction to the world of Pathfinder! If you enjoy the game and want to take the next steps into running a full campaign, stay tuned here to the Gallant Goblin for more guides and advice!

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Theo Thourson

Theo Thourson


  1. dmbadger

    Hey Theo

    Sorry if this seems too obvious a question but

    This is absolutely all I need to start playing?

    Please forgive my skepticism as I was expecting to buy three core rulebooks, the PF2e DMG, PHB and MM

    I appreciate the time you take to answer

    • admin

      Yup! That’s all you need. No need to spend any money at all. Everything you need to get started is free and available online. If you run into any trouble, just let me know!


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