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Welcome to Lazy Paint Productions! We’re a miniature painting, D&D, and Warhammer blog that focuses on painting guides for both beginners and pros, with a particular emphasis on getting the best paint job for the least effort. Lazy Paint Productions isn’t just a site, it’s a community, so if you like our content check out our Discord server at

How to Paint Black Armor with Green Highlights

Overview: In this painting guide I will be showing how I paint black armor with green edge highlights. In this case, I wanted a neon/futuristic look instead of a more realistic look.  Paints used: Abaddon Black Incubi Darkness Warpstone Glow Moot Green Any Yellow...

Wizkids Frameworks Tiefling Warlock Review

Wizkids Frameworks Tiefling Warlock Review

My initial impression of the packaging was that it was quite wonderful to look at. The box art was appealing and the backside has exactly what you would get in the box. However, the contents inside were quick jarring. Inside the box you get two sprues (one normal...