How to Paint Black Armor with Green Highlights

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Painting Guides | 0 comments

Overview: In this painting guide I will be showing how I paint black armor with green edge highlights. In this case, I wanted a neon/futuristic look instead of a more realistic look. 

Paints used:

Abaddon Black

Incubi Darkness

Warpstone Glow

Moot Green

Any Yellow Paint

Step 1: Paint the armor black using Abaddon Black.

Step 2: You’ll begin with the first edge highlight of Incubi Darkness. Here you’ll edge highlight each individual piece of armor. The Incubi Darkness won’t be that noticeable but it will help the transition from black to green.

Step 3: From there you’ll continue edge highlighting and this time you’ll be using Warpstone Glow. You’ll be going over the Incubi Darkness but making thinner highlights Also, you’ll probably only cover 75% of the Incubi Darkness highlight. If unsure, look at the right shoulder pad and notice Incubi Darkness is still there where the shoulder pad connects with the armor.

Step 4: Moot Green will be the final highlight. Just like with Warpstone Glow, you’ll have to make thinner highlights and this time try to cover only 50%.

Step 5: Clean up any mistakes or even take the final highlight a step forward by adding yellow to Moot Green and highlighting the very tip of whichever piece of armor you think attracts the most attention. Finally finish the miniature and show it off.


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