STL 3D Printing Merchant License Requirements

Regardless whether you have purchased a perpetual license for Kickstarter STLs or a monthly subscription license, you MUST meet the following requirements to keep your license in good standing. These requirements ensure a high standard of quality for customers. We reserve the right to cancel your license if the following conditions aren't met:

  • The Merchant License is meant for people running a small business on their home printers only and not for any type of mass production.

  • You may sell prints of models only. Never sell or otherwise distribute the digital files.

  • You may not modify the models in any way other than to combine multipart files for a customer if they request it. You may supply a base if requested (including third party bases) and that may be merged with the model file if you prefer, but should not be advertised in that manner.

  • You may rescale models and sell scale variants, but you must stipulate the original scale of the model as the details were sculpted accordingly and are not guaranteed to scale up or down well. The responsibility for ensuring viability in a rescaled print lies with you, the merchant, and The Gallant Goblin is not liable for any issues caused by rescaled prints.

  • You may not use our models or parts of our models to create new content.

  • All models must be printed in resin.

  • All models are provided as solid prints. If you hollow any model, you must include appropriate drain holes and vent holes. The interior of hollowed prints must be free of uncured liquid resin and you must guarantee customers that the interior is cleaned and cured.

  • All prints must be supplied to customers thoroughly cleaned, fully cured, and with all support material removed.

  • All miniatures should be supplied to the customer printed at between 0.02mm and 0.03mm layer height.

  • Etsy and other marketplace sales are permitted as long as all of the above terms are adhered to.

  • Pricing must be sensible – no “race to the bottom” price undercutting. you need to supply a top quality product and so should charge an appropriate price.

  • All models must be presented and branded as developed by The Gallant Goblin and sculpted by Forg3D MNL. You may not rebrand the models.

  • You cannot make molds of our models—casting and any kind of mass production is prohibited. Models are sculpted to be printed, not cast, and casting would require significant modification which we do not permit.

  • You can take photos, make live streams, and release video with our models as long as you state that the models have been made by us. In this case, promoting us is always appreciated with a link to

  • The Gallant Goblin is the owner of the STL files. All copyrights belong to The Gallant Goblin, NO rights are assigned or transferred to the end user. Our designs are protected by intellectual property laws.

Special thank you to Lions Tower Miniatures for allowing us to base our 

license requirements on their merchant terms and conditions.: