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Behold the Mighty Basilisk Handler!

by EpicLittlePainter

Go small or go home!

Here we have the Basilisk Handler from the Shrine of the Kobold Queen. He may be little but he has a big personality to keep that Basilisk under control. You have to admire someone whose weapon is meat on a stick!

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    1. Bobby Two Shades

      Very cool! The look of the hat against his red skin looks awesome.

      • EpicLittlePainter

        Thank you I wanted a cloth colour that stood out against the red but didn’t look too clean! I love this paint, as it’s the perfect dirty fabric colour! I very much doubt Kobold do laundry!!

    2. Moody_Kittens

      Excellent work. Gotta love a Kobold with personality

      • EpicLittlePainter

        Thank you!! As a DM I have a soft spot for Kobolds, small but loud and proud!!


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