Oh No! One more Goblin appears! Roll! (THEME WINNER: Most Minion)

by Bobby Two Shades

Hello Gallant Goblin and Epic Encounters! For my entry I decided to shine some light on a minion that is usually overlooked, a Goblin from the Epic Encounter Village of the Goblin Chief!

I do know that the goblins are worshiping a Hydra who is poisoning the forest. Because I that I went with a Jungle Green look and added some purple to represent the toxic aspect of these specific goblins.

This is my entry and I would like to thank you for the opportunity and fun I had while painting this.

    Roll! The fight continues... Is there a way out?


    1. Ian

      Looking awesome.! You got some real depth to that green skin!

      • Bobby Two Shades

        Thank you! I used a did 4 layers but I think the camera only picks up 2. But the hardest part was making sure the vines didn’t blend with the skin so as not to be seen.

    2. Moody_Kittens

      A goblin! Yay. Good work

    3. Jungle_Jang

      Congratulations on the win. Great paint job.


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