Swamp Hydra

by Ral Partha

My first attempt at basing a mini and using an airbrush for the first layer of colours. Love the Godzilla vibe it gives off!

    B405C9F7-3B3A-4062-B1E2-A6BC9B78950A 53AA4B92-15F3-40CD-B06F-CF848F70A5F6 445A3EA3-BE57-4925-993F-26A822A26D07 EF123C43-49FD-4949-A678-A017AED6C7E9 2FDA36AB-4FC3-4A85-B6DE-3B8597DE6E4F D0D0D3F9-6C41-4A49-9F04-F6CA06254E44 E2236760-0663-4BCD-8C29-81E5ACA0B4BB 35D6E9E3-33B1-4D96-B612-7EC03F5E7A90 CA614F60-2974-4B0A-81CB-7266C00E6B4E BC3B2F56-155B-4F24-B8F2-D9D7B3BC1851

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    1. Moody_Kittens

      Nice work


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