The Queen of Death, Vredha Ozgec! (THEME WINNER: Most Cinematic) | The Gallant Goblin

The Queen of Death, Vredha Ozgec! (THEME WINNER: Most Cinematic)

by Tommy Music / gunz_mini_crafts

A cackle in the blackness, a ring of bells, and suddenly you’re faced by a peculiar entity of grime and decay. Two freezing eyes stare at you with an ominous horror, and another cackle resonates from its abysmal mouth as if it were a battle cry.

Her skeletal head sits atop a slim body. Undead cower around her presence, the creature seems to take pride in this.
She strides toward you, her legs calmly carry her cadaverous body with a dreadful energy.

Before you is The Queen of Death herself, Vredha Ozgec!

    IMG_1233 IMG_1190 IMG_1240 IMG_1273


    1. Jerry Windows

      That’s so rad!! The glow effects are so good!

    2. Race Haas

      That’s freaking AWESOME!!

    3. Moody_Kittens

      Great work with the OSL and picking out all the details

    4. Jungle_Jang

      Congratulations on the win! The paint job and the photos were awesome.


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