Comics Review: All hell breaks loose in Infernal Tides #3

This review covers the third part of Infernal Tides, a five-part limited run comic series written by Jim Zub with art by Max Dunbar, colors by Sebastian Cheng, and letters by Neil Uyetake.

Infernal Tides #3 released May 2020 and is available for purchase here.

See our review of Infernal Tides #1 and #2 here.

Disclosure: Thank you to Jim Zub for making review copies of Infernal Tides #1 and #2 available to The Gallant Goblin.

Spoiler Alert: This review contains spoilers for the first three issues and Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

The moment is here... Elturel has fallen.

In a way, I'm sad we've reached this point. It's been so much fun just hanging out with the Baldur's Gate gang and watching them solve a mystery that the pivot to big set pieces feels like saying goodbye.

On the other hand, holy crap. These. Set. Pieces. Rock. Everything you'd want to see from the story is here—the terrifying void in the sky that was once the gentle Companion, the hooks dragging the city into the River Styx, and massive battles with devils in the skies and streets of a crumbling city.

The pages whiz by in this installment and it ends before you've had a moment to catch your breath. In the meantime, it answers very important questions you may not have even realized you needed resolved: what would Mad Max look like if it starred a mind flayer? Can a ranger with enough grit and determination tame a nightmare? What does the miniature giant space hamster say when it's about to plunge off a cliff?

All the threads teased in the first two installments begin coming together, and it's quite satisfying to see. The art is again stunning in both its detail and scope, but it never gets cluttered, so it's easy to follow the action. At this point, my only concerns are how the hell is it going to wrap up with just two issues remaining and what's the next adventure that's going to come from the writer and artist dynamic duo that is Jim Zub and Max Dunbar?

This installment really drove home for me the idea that this series would serve as good reading material for your table in between games. It's written such that each issue matches a major section of the Descent Into Avernus campaign. I think it'd be really fun for the DM to share the PDF with the players after they hit each milestone so they can see what Minsc and Boo and co. did at the same time. It helps make the world feel more alive, as the events in the comic are spaced just far enough from the campaign that it's unlikely to contradict anything happening in your game. Like a good cinematic in a video game, it serves as a companion to the player experience and a reward for reaching a major story milestone. It also helps tide people over until their next session and whet their appetite for what will come next.

While there have been three month gaps between each issue so far, the wait after this cliffhanger of an ending shouldn't be nearly as long. Issue 4 should come our way July 2020!

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