Critical Role minis return to Steamforged Games Store

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

For Black Friday, the limited edition Critical Role minis will be returning to the Steamforged Games webstore for the first time.

We've reviewed several of the limited edition minis that Steamforged Games has been slowly rolling out over the past year or so. During my reviews, I always warn that they have a limited release window and may not be available for purchase again. And they never were, until now. Steamforged Games has announced that all of the limited edition figures will be returning to their store for Black Friday 2019 starting on Nov. 29.

Included in the set are Kashaw Vesh, Kiri, Caduceus Clay, Kern The Hammer, The Gentleman, Victor, Orly Skiffback, Twiggy, Vanessa Cyndrial, Vax'ildan Champion of the Raven Queen, Caliana, and Captain Avantika. Each figure comes unpainted and unassembled. They're also offering the exclusive minis included in their Critical Role Kickstarter: Pumat Sol Prime, three Pumat Sols, Taryon Darington, and Doty 2.0.

Below you can see our reviews of some of these Critical Role minis. They do require a bit more effort than most of the minis we review, but with a bit of patience, most anyone should be able to make them "Table Ready."

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