Full Color Hero Forge Custom Mini Kickstarter Coming Jan 14

Hero Forge 2.0 will allow you to craft custom minis that arrive in full color.

The folks over at Hero Forge have been exploring ways of delivering full color custom minis since at least 2015. It's been a technological hurdle that they they're apparently on the verge of overcoming. Hero Forge will be launching a Kickstarter on January 14, 2020 to collect the funds they need to get the project off the ground. There's no word yet on what the funding goal for the campaign is or what rewards will be offered at different backer levels.

While the paint jobs will not likely rival those done by highly skilled artists who like to paint their minis by hand, they look to be at least on par with what you generally get with prepainted minis by companies like Wizkids. Painting can be an intimidating process, especially on a mini that you custom made and spent some money on. So having the option of receiving your mini in table-ready condition will likely be a welcome option for many players. Let us know what you think! Check back on the 14th for full coverage of the Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter.

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