Heroic Challenges await in new Loresmyth Kickstarter

Loresmyth is an indie company based in the Netherlands producing supplements for tabletop roleplaying games.

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Are you looking for ways to spice up gameplay? Maybe your barbarian thinks they're hot stuff and you want to push them to prove their martial prowess. Or maybe your bookish wizard needs to get out of their comfort zone by going on an espionage mission.

Heroic Challenges are like bets made over drinks in a tavern—dangerous missions that reap exciting rewards—or for those more familiar with video games, a way to implement achievements into your TTRPG!

How do Heroic Challenges work?

Heroic Challenges is a TTRPG system-agnostic set of cards separated into two categories: challenges that can be undertaken during a game session and rewards for completing a challenge. They are designed to be drawn randomly, though GMs could also curate the selection. Each card has two options on them to provide some choice, though both options follow the same theme.

Here are some examples of challenge cards:

And here are some examples of reward cards:

Loresmyth provides the following examples of ways you could use the deck:

  • GMs can draw a Challenge for each player at the beginning of a session

  • Players can draw Challenges in secret to create hidden agendas

  • Players can draw group Challenges to encourage teamwork

Uses for Heroic Challenges

At first glance this seems like a simple system but there are so many opportunities here!

Some of these challenges are the seeds of entire story ideas. For example, what does "find or make a safe campsite to rest" mean? Just thinking about this prompt conjures up the idea of traveling through a dangerous wilderness, maybe in Arborea or the Feywild, where you literally cannot rest unless you create your own sanctuary. Maybe you need to reach a specific location or befriend a local or identify a source of protective nature magic. Such an adventure makes for a huge change from your typical "travel for two weeks, roll for Perception while standing watch, roll for encounters" slog.

Other challenges are ripe for being handpicked by a GM to encourage players to explore underutilized mechanics like improvised weapons. Maybe you recently developed some new feats or rules to make it more interesting and this is a perfect time to test the waters.

I'm also reminded of a Starfinder session recently where my character nearly died because we went into a situation guns blazing, as my group is often wont to do. I can't be the only one who wishes we had the occasional group challenge to "deceive or entertain to gain someone's trust" so we didn't murder everyone we meet.

Does Loresmyth have other products I can check out first?

They sure do! Loresmyth is probably best known for well-received supplements like Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks but they have also released previous card products like the Dungeon Discoveries series that lets you randomly draw and create treasures or encounters for both fantasy and science fiction settings.

You can also check out their Kickstarter profile to see the seven previous successful products they've launched from the platform.

You can also follow Loresmyth on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm sold! How do I back Heroic Challenges on Kickstarter?

Click here to check out the Kickstarter page for this product! The campaign goes live April 7, 2020 and if you are visiting before then, you can sign up to be notified when it launches.


The Gallant Goblin has not been paid or otherwise compensated for this post. We asked to be on Loresmyth's press distribution list to get early sneak peeks at their products, which is how we got the pictures included in this article, but we have not received the product itself. We are sharing because we think this looks like a fun product from a reputable small company!

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