Heroic Challenges await in new Loresmyth Kickstarter

Loresmyth is an indie company based in the Netherlands producing supplements for tabletop roleplaying games.

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Are you looking for ways to spice up gameplay? Maybe your barbarian thinks they're hot stuff and you want to push them to prove their martial prowess. Or maybe your bookish wizard needs to get out of their comfort zone by going on an espionage mission.

Heroic Challenges are like bets made over drinks in a tavern—dangerous missions that reap exciting rewards—or for those more familiar with video games, a way to implement achievements into your TTRPG!

How do Heroic Challenges work?

Heroic Challenges is a TTRPG system-agnostic set of cards separated into two categories: challenges that can be undertaken during a game session and rewards for completing a challenge. They are designed to be drawn randomly, though GMs could also curate the selection. Each card has two options on them to provide some choice, though both options follow the same theme.

Here are some examples of challenge cards:

And here are some examples of reward cards:

Loresmyth provides the following examples of ways you could use the deck:

  • GMs can draw a Challenge for each player at the beginning of a session

  • Players can draw Challenges in secret to create hidden agendas

  • Players can draw group Challenges to encourage teamwork

Uses for Heroic Challenges

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