Nolzur's & Deep Cuts Wave 11 Announced

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

New unpainted miniatures scheduled to arrive March 2020.

The next wave of unpainted D&D and Pathfinder minis from Wizkids has been announced. On the D&D side, we have a lot of really interesting new player character minis to choose from including the firbolg druid shown above. My other favorite is the human monk below in some very dynamic poses.

The set also includes a female dragonborn fighter, male dragonborn paladin, male dwarf cleric, male dwarf fighter, male elf sorcerer, male halfing rogue, male human barbarian (with a spirit guardian), male and female human ranger, and a male and female human wizard.

On the monster side of things, we have a whole host of new sculpts including a variety of dragons, slaad, undead, yugoloth, and a new zombie beholder seen below, among many others.

There are also unpainted versions of some Icons of the Realms minis that we've seen before, such as the behir and balor. Overall, there appear to be 39 new sets of minis in Wave 11, which makes it one of, if not the, biggest waves of unpainted minis we've seen thus far.

On the Pathfinder: Deep Cuts side, the selection is decidedly smaller. Seven new figures are being produced, including the Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon (which was the premium figure in the Skull & Shackles set). We'll be reviewing the Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon in the coming weeks. Also in this set is the hydra premium figure from the Jungles of Despair set. You can see our review of the painted version here.

Rounding out wave 11 are an orge, hobgoblin, raptors, male elf magus, female human oracle, and male human sorcerer. The hobgoblin seen below definitely matches the second edition goblinoid design aesthetic.

Finally it appears than an unpainted version of the Wizkids Fantasy Terrain: Pools & Pillars set will be included in this release.

All the minis in these sets come unpainted but already primed for home painting. For a full look at all the minis included in this set as well as the prices of each, you can visit the announcement page at PHD Games.

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