Starfinder Deck of Many Worlds Landing January 2020

This deck of 100 cards will allow you to quickly create a unique world for your Starfinder adventures.

The Deck of Many Worlds includes 100 double-sided cards you can use to create unique worlds quickly. Perhaps your crew is having to eject from their exploding ship and they just happen to pinpoint a life-sustaining world nearby. Maybe the player characters just asked a random NPC about their homeworld and you need a quick answer. Or maybe you're a player and need some ideas for a unique homeworld for your character. This deck has you covered. With a combination of random or specifically chosen cards arranged like this, you have a full, populated world to explore:

So let's take a closer look at what we have here. The main card features the picture of the world, its stats, and a unique fact about that world that can be used as a plot hook. Below that we have some labels to describe the culture of the world which is randomized by mixing two cards together (one with labels and one with the arrows). So our gas giant here has a moderate amount of religious activity but is quite high in magic. While it doesn't tend toward good or evil, it's a very chaotic society, perhaps due to all that magic running around in the air. "Accord" refers to how well the population of the planet gets along with each other, so a high accord planet like this may have a world government, though considering that it's such a chaotic place, perhaps something else is holding the people of this world together. A common enemy perhaps? Finally, it's a low tech world, so they would not have drift-capable ships and may not have any space flight capabilities at all.

The card with the arrows also includes our first plot hook. Apparently spectral threats come out at night here. Perhaps that's the common enemy that the population of the world is working together to overcome. Another card is placed under that to give us a second plot hook. The creatures of this world have a shared physiological feature. Well, that brings us to our creatures.

The back of the planet cards looks like this (hit the little arrow to see another card:)

The upper-left corner features a sapient creature. It is positioned to the left of the planet card to indicate the dominant intelligent race on the planet. Multiple cards can be placed off to the left to indicate further types of aliens which may inhabit that world. The further out the race is from the center card, the less populous it is on that planet. The upper-right side of the card features a threat that's prevalent on the surface. The same rules apply about having multiple threats. Information about the creatures can be found in the designated source book or on the official Paizo online resource. You can see a few more examples of the front of the cards below:

The deck also includes 10 instruction cards to bring you up to speed. The cards can also be used to develop random settlements, moons, and NPCs. The one thing we haven't covered yet is what all the dice faces mean. Well, that's another bit of random number generation that can help you determine even more about your planet, such as how many planets are in that system, how many moons surround the planet, how many continents exist on the world, or how many sapient creatures call that world home. Even with the same set of cards, different game masters may have a different interpretation on how the cards fit together narratively to create a unique planet.

What do you think of the Deck of Many Worlds? It has an MSRP of $19.99 and is expected to be released in mid-January, 2020. [Official Product Page]

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