Starfinder Mini Starter Packs Announced

The first sets of Wizkids Starfinder minis finally detailed and set for July release

We're a bit late in getting to this news here at the Gallant Goblin. It's a bit of a hectic time, as you all know. But, I'm very happy to take a break from the real world and talk about Starfinder! I'm currently running two Starfinder campaigns online, and I've been itching for news on Wizkids' plans for Starfinder minis since they announced them about a year ago. Well, we finally have those details.

Wizkids is planning to release two "Starter Packs" of Starfinder minis in July. These will be pre-painted plastic minis along the same lines as their D&D and Pathfinder set packs.

The Heroes Pack will include 6 minis: an Android Xenoseeker, Kasatha Thaumaturge, Lashunta Mercenary Commando, Shirren Soldier, Ysoki Technomancer, and Vesk Champion. We've got all our core races represented here, aside from Humans and the legacy races from Pathfinder. Also, sadly no Skittermanders yet. It's a good selection of starter characters, and when combined with the preexisting painted Starfinder minis from Ninja Division, it should give you a reasonable number of player character options. This should allow your players to have a nice mini to use, even if you use Paizo cardboard pawns for the monsters and NPCs for the time being.

The Monster Pack includes an Aeon Guard, Diasporan Space Pirate, Patrol-Class Security Robot, Necrovite, Space Goblin Zaperator, and, most surprising to me, a Contemplative, seen here:

Based on the mock-ups provided by ICV2, the monsters look incredible. I'm going to be tempted to pick up a couple of packs to have a nice selection of goblins, pirates, and robots.

Each set will be sold separately at an MSRP of $34.99. Keep an eye on our channel for possible early reviews. Wizkids has a tendency of sending us random packages, so we never quite know what we might receive. As a fully invested Starfinder GM, I hope this is the beginning of years of Starfinder mini support from Wizkids. Would love to see them get the full Booster system treatment. Keep in mind that the worldwide coronavirus pandemic may affect release dates.

You can see our reviews of the original Ninja Division Starfinder mini sets here:

For pictures of all the newly announced Wizkids minis be sure to check out ICv2. Stay tuned to the Gallant Goblin for more Starfinder news!

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