Grimfang Orc Cook

by Olirian

Someone has to make sure that everyone has something to eat.
While the methods are dubious at best and sanitary regulations are practically non-existent, you can’t deny the results – They keep coming for more! (Not that they have much choice).
Painting small miniatures is such a challenge, and this one was particularly gruelling, but I knew I had to paint it from the beginning!
It has so much personality and interesting actions in combat, that I wanted to bring this miniature to life.

    CloseUp01 CloseUp02 Setting TurnTable01 TurnTable02 TurnTable03 TurnTable04 TurnTable05


    1. Moody_Kittens

      Great work

    2. Bobby Two Shades

      I love the added effect of the blood splatter. Great job!


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