The Priest of the Green Flame!

by Llenllel

For this entry I wanted to go small but I also wanted to work on my lighting technique. I decided to paint the Priest of the Bloody Flame from the boxset of Shine of the Kobold Queen. However, I painted the flame GREEN!

I really liked the mini and it had a lot of detail so I hope that you like it as well!

    IMG-20230131-WA0015 IMG-20230131-WA0017 IMG-20230131-WA0016 IMG-20230131-WA0018 IMG-20230131-WA0023 IMG-20230131-WA0024


    1. Moody_Kittens

      Excellent work with the OSL

      • Llenllel

        Thank you! I was a bit nervous to screw all the work that I did with the golden NMM of the crown.

    2. Jungle_Jang

      This is a great paint job. I love the OSL work.


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